Employment Based Immigration – Work Visa

Employment Based Immigration

Work Visas

We represent individual and corporate clients in the following matters: H-1B, H-4, L-1A, L-1B, L-2, TN-1, TN-2, TD, E-3, F1, F1 OPT, O-1A, O-1B, R1 and B1 and/or B2 matters.

We also represent clients in filing Motions to Reconsider and Appeals from adverse decisions.

Representation Services

  • H-1B Lottery Registration
  • H-1B New, COS, Transf, Extn, Amend
  • LCA – ETA9035 & Public File
  • H-4 Extn/COS; H4 EAD
  • L-1A Intra-company Manager/Executive
  • L-1B Intra-company Specialized Knowledge
  • L-2 Extn/COS/EAD
  • TN-1 Canada; TN-2 Mexico; TD
  • E-3 Australians
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability
  • F1/F1 OPT/EAD matters
  • R1/R2 Religious Workers
  • B1 Business; B2 Tourist